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Daring to Dream; Daring to Try–Do You Dare?

One of my favorite SF/Fantasy novels is Minerva Wakes by Holly Lisle

I have read Minerva Wakes three times.  From a young couple with big dreams, Minerva and her husband fall into the “safe” mode.  Minerva was an artist and her husband a writer, but they put their talents aside and their dreams on hold, sidetracked by “making a living.”  Being perfect also got in their way.  Their love for each other is buried and almost gone until their world is shaken up by their children disappearing.  It is only by dusting off and using their talents that they save each other, their marriage, their children, and the universe.  Pretty good stuff here.


Book Blurb:  There’s a dragon singing in her bedroom, a seductive fiend after her husband, her children are kidnapped into an alternate universe, and both the good guys and the bad guys want her dead. So Minerva Kiakra fights back — and proves that three rules govern life: “Never give up on your dreams, always stand up for what’s right . . . and never mess with the Mommy.”


I think this story resonated with me because some of my dreams were buried for years.  I had all kinds of excuses, but being “safe” (writing doesn’t pay the bills), and being “perfect” kept getting in the way.  (If I didn’t write, then no one could reject my writing.)  Safe and Perfect still get in my way, but not as much.  I’m conscious of those pitfalls and working to keep them stifled and under my heel.


What dreams have you buried?  Why?


Did you listen to others who told you your dream was silly?
Did you let life get in your way and tomorrow never came?

by Mabel Clare Thomas

“Dreams are like mist at evening,
Blown in from the cold gray sea.
Like a night bird’s lonely calling,
For things that never can be;
Like down from a thistle passing
On the wings of a summer breeze,
Or the heartache in the murmur
Of whispering, restless trees.
Sometimes, like distant music
Strangely sweet and clear,
I dream I hear you calling,
And feel that you are near.

Do you dream of things that never can be?  Or do you put foundations under your dreams to make them solid and real?  Take baby steps until you can walk with great strides.

Don’t be safe or perfect.  Just do it.

PS.  Holly Lisle has two great writing courses for those of you who yearn to tell your stories to the world.  Check out her courses, books about writing, and her free articles at Holly Lisle    (And no, I’m not getting any money for saying this!)

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