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Welcome to Our Home

Christmas Eve At My House

Hello.  It’s Christmas Eve today.  Are you here on the internet today?  Please come with me for a Christmas Eve picture tour of our home

Come up the steps and into the front door.

Walk into the foyer. To your left is the living room.

Looking into the living room.

Right in front of you is the staircase.

Staircase going up to the second floor.

Let’s take a quick trip up the stairs and look at one or our nativity scenes.

At the end of the hall upstairs.

Now let’s go back down stairs and walk down the hall to the dining room.  Only right now, it’s the dining room that isn’t!  My husband moves everything all around at Christmas so things will “fit” and he thinks the table is too big for the dining room with all the leaves placed in it.  He moved the two living room chairs into our small dining room.  Right in front of the window is our nativity that we have had since the first year we married.

Our 38-year-old nativity

Turn right and look into the laundry room.

Hanging over the washer and dryer is a garland with lights.

Look up.

The dining room light fixture. All through the house, we have red bows on the lights.

Now turn left.  Hurry through the kitchen.  We have been doing lots of cooking and it’s probably messy.  Into the living room. Turn and look at the fireplace.

The stockings will be "hung with care" here on Christmas Eve.

Turn and look at the dining room table in the middle of the living room.  (Ack!  This moving furniture around makes me a little crazy.)

Covered with boxes of ornaments ready to trim the tree.

The Advent Wreath.

This picture was taken the third Sunday in Advent.

Here is the Christmas tree in the three stages.  First we put on ten strings of lights.

Just the lights.

Next we hang the ornaments.

Second stage done.

The last stage takes the longest–putting on the tinsel.  Hours and hours.

Finally done.

Turn around and look at the Bethlehem nativity scene on the shelf below the television.

This set was a birthday gift from my husband back in the '80s.

Look over under the tree and along the wall.  My husband grew up with a train around his childhood Christmas tree and so he must have it around our tree now.  He spent an entire day setting up the train and the village.

The train goes in a circle under the tree, which is on a platform, and then down along the wall.

The train runs along the village houses then crosses under the end table beside the couch.

Come with me down the basement stairs to where I spend most of my day. Here is a view of one wall in the basement.

You can see my quilting machine on the left.

My grandsons helped me decorate the basement.

Stuffed toys sitting on the framework.

Joseph thought this was a nice way to decorate my quilting machine.

Above my computer work station I have a small collection of Christmas bells.

On one side.

On the other side.

In a corner of the basement, we have a small double insulated room that we call the root cellar.  It stays above freezing, but is very cool in the winter, since it is unheated.

Waiting for Christmas.

Here is our stack of tins filled with homemade candy  and Italian Christmas cookies.  Yum.

I hope you have enjoyed our tour.  Wish you could be here in person to help us celebrate the birth of the Christ.  Click here for a description of our family Christmas Eve ceremony.

This has been my monthly participation in the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour.   For the month of December, our topic is the generic “holidays”.  For me, the only holiday in December is Christmas.  Since I have been posting about making candy and cookies all month, I thought a virtual tour of our home would be appropriate for Christmas Eve.

In most blog tours, a single author appears on a variety of blogs, moving around the Internet and allowing the readers of those blogs get to know the author.

In the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour, the authors stay on their blogs and it’s you, the reader, who takes the tour.

Each month, our participating authors from around the world agree to blog on a single topic throughout the month. By following the links in each month’s post, you’ll discover a whole bunch of new authors in a variety of genres, levels of experience, and styles of writing.

We hope you enjoy the trip and come back each month for a new spin around the globe.


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