Oatmeal Jam Squares

This is the perfect cookie for kids to make.  When my kids were growing up, we made these oatmeal-jam squares often. It was one of our favorite bar cookies.  They are easy-to-make, easy-to-eat and pack well for school lunches.  I prefer to use homemade jelly or jam, but store bought jam will work.  Any variety of jam will do.

Oatmeal Jam Squares


2 cups uncooked oatmeal, old-fashioned                   1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 3/4 cups flour                                                                3/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup butter                                                                       1/2 teaspoon soda

1 cup brown sugar                                                            1 cup (or more) jelly or jam

Dump the oats, flour, sugar, cinnamon, salt, and soda into a large bowl.  Using your (clean) hands mix the dry ingredients together.  Cut the butter into small pieces and toss into the bowl. Using your fingers, rub the butter into the dry ingredients until the mixture is crumbly.

Set aside 2 cups of the mixture.  Press the rest into a greased 13×9 baking pan.  Plop the jelly or jam in teaspoonfuls around on top of the base.  With a small spatula, spread the jelly evenly over the crust.

Sprinkle the remaining 2 cups of the crumb mixture over the jelly.  Press slightly.  Bake at 400F 25 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool almost completely before cutting into bars.  Enjoy!

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