The Last of the Tomatoes

Yesterday I picked the last of the tomatoes, including the orange ones.   Good thing I did!  Last night we had our first hard frost.  It was 27F.  We had a very light frost earlier in the week at 31F, but that didn’t do any damage to the tomatoes and just nipped a few bean and squash leaves.  Today I canned 7 more jars, with more to do tomorrow.  We have now canned about 115 jars of tomatoes this year.


The last of the harvest.

The last of the harvest.


I think when the orange ones under the stove ripen, that I will try a new recipe–tomato preserves.  The recipe is like a tomato jam.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.



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2 responses to “The Last of the Tomatoes

  1. oh my indeed…what a great photo,so yummy.

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