I See Tomatoes

Want to see what I did today?

Twenty seven jars of home canned tomatoes

Twenty seven jars of home canned tomatoes

And I mean all day today!  I started working about 8am this morning and finished up the last canner about 6pm.  In between I did two loads of laundry and made supper.  I am getting too old to work all day long like this.  LOL  This is the third batch of tomatoes this summer, but the first two were only one canner each about a week apart.  We have lots more tomatoes turning in the garden, so there will be another batch to can about a week from now.  Oh, well, my husband thinks that one can never have too many tomatoes.



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3 responses to “I See Tomatoes

  1. I agree with your husband, but I also agree that at some point in life there is a limit to how much can ( pun, pun) be done in a day. I like to have my daughter helping when I can. I also have three canner kettles. Now if I just had another stove.

    • Sue

      Thanks for dropping by and the comment. Oh, yeah. I do limit myself most days, but this was a one time (better be!) exception. Three canning kettles would have cut the time way down. Nice for you and to have your daughter helping too. My daughters live way too far away. 😦

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