Growing Your Own Dry Beans

Dwarf Horticulture Beans

Dwarf Horticulture Beans

Every year I grow out a dry bean, sometimes two or three.  Growing dry beans is really easy.  You just let the beans grow and stay on the bean plant until the beans are fully formed and the pods are turning color.  You must wait until the pods are dry or almost dry to pick them.   Some folks pull the whole plant and hang them in a shed or barn for the bean to fully dry.  I pick them a little before that and finish drying them in a very low oven, because our climate is so wet.  These dwarf horticulture beans are the ones I grew this year.  This winter they will make lovely bean soup.






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2 responses to “Growing Your Own Dry Beans

  1. That’s a nice batch of beans, good for lots of soup in the winter! I grow green beans and once they stop flowering, I like to let the ones that are on there dry and pick them. Handfuls thrown in soup in the winter remind us of how good it was to grow our summer gardens.

  2. I’m looking forward to doing this with some of my beans this year, too!

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