Apple Jelly Time!

It’s time to make apple jelly again.  Apple jelly is the easiest jelly to make because apples are naturally high in pectin.( Pectin is that substance that helps jelly jell.)  A few years ago I decided to stop using commercial pectin and make my jelly the old-fashioned way.  Mmmmm.  I realized why Mom’s jelly tasted so much better when I was growing up than in later years when she (and I) were using commercial pectin.  It is a lot quicker and easier to use the commercial pectin, but the flavor of the cooked jelly is far superior.  So, yesterday I picked a bucket of apples and cut them up, covered them about half way with water, and cooked them.  Then I strained the pulp through a double thickness of cheesecloth inside a colander overnight for all the juice to drip out.  Today I made the jelly.  (Check any good canning book for recipes or use the ratio of 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sugar to each cup of apple juice, then follow the rest of the jelly directions in the book.)

I love the rosy color of this year's apple jelly.

I love the rosy color of this year’s apple jelly.



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3 responses to “Apple Jelly Time!

  1. Ah, so you used the whole apple…. I tried apple jelly a few years ago, because I’d read that you could make it from just apple peels, and I had a bunch of them after canning applesauce. I thought I followed the directions, but I must have put in too much water, because the result never gelled. It did, however, produce an excellent substitute for maple syrup!

    • Sue

      I have heard of using just apple peels, but have never tried it. My old Ball canning booklet directions say not to core or peel them, just cut out the blossom and stem ends and cut them in small pieces.

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