A Simple Quilt by My Mom

I’d like to share with you another simple quilt. This is a bunch of large nine-patches that my dear Mother pieced when she was about 85.  I sandwiched it together with batting and backing, quilted it, and sewed the binding on the quilt edges. It is now a guest quilt for when we have company in cold weather. I think everyone should make at least one quilt in his or her life, just so they can appreciate the amount of work that goes into making even a simple quilt.

Of course we quilters don’t mind doing all that work to make a quilt because we enjoy doing something creative.  We just want the recipient of the quilt to appreciate it!   It’s difficult for non-quilters to understand how valuable the hours are that are spent on making a quilt when such cheap quilts are sold in department stores (made in China by practically slave labor!).

Here's a picture of her simple quilt.

Here’s a picture of her simple quilt.

A close up of one of the nine-patches

A close up of one of the nine-patches

This is how the quilting looks on the back of the quilt.

This is how the quilting looks on the back of the quilt.

There are many steps in making a quilt.  First, you pick the material and pattern.  Sometimes it is necessary to buy new material.  Sometimes the material can come from your stash of fabric.  Next you cut the material into pieces according to the pattern.  Depending on the complexity of the pattern, this can be hundreds and hundreds of little pieces. Then you sew the pieces together in blocks.  Next the blocks go together in the pattern.  When the top is completed, you are only half done.  Next the quilt has to be prepared for quilting, then quilted.  (Three layers together: top, bottom, and a batting between)  After the quilting is done, then the binding has to be made, then sewn onto the edges of the quilt, twice.  Now, it’s done!

Making a quilt is a creative pleasure.  Each quilt, even done from the same pattern, has a different look because each quilter chooses different colors and prints to put together.

Do you like to quilt?  Or do you just appreciate quilts?  Thanks for stopping by.



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4 responses to “A Simple Quilt by My Mom

  1. I can’t even sew a button back on a shirt, much less quilt. But I do see the time and creative effort that goes into them. I didn’t truly appreciate them though, until I saw an exhibit of 100 year old Amish quilts at the De Young Museum. They were both beautiful, and heavily used.

  2. What a treasure! Blue and white is one of my favourite combinations. Thanks for sharing this lovely quilt.

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