Honoring Mother

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  This is my first without a living mother to honor.  My mother died last summer at 88 years.    She was a good mother, always doing for her family.  She worked very hard while we were growing up. She took care of cows, chickens, rabbits, and a big vegetable garden.  She canned and froze many jars and boxes of vegetables and jellies.

For many years she sewed all our clothes, including most of my daddy’s shirts. We bought many bags of feed and, when we were small, some of our clothes came from the printed feedsacks.  Later she bought bundles of fabric from Sears catalog to sew dresses for us girls as we grew older.

Momma was a plain, unpretentious, uneducated, country woman, who loved God and her family.  She was a very smart woman who did not have the opportunity to even complete high school, even though she attempted to start several times.  However, many times while I was still in school, even when I was in college, she was my walking dictionary.  When I was working on homework and wanted to spell a word, I would call, “Mom!  How do you spell…..?”  She always knew how to spell the word I was looking for.  She read a lot and took us to the local public library once a week.  I learned to love reading from her, and after learning to love reading, I also became a writer.

My mother was very kind-hearted, sweet-natured person.  In later years her personality changed somewhat as her health deteriorated.  She had heart trouble that no one knew about and I think she just wasn’t getting enough oxygen to her brain. But I will always remember her as she was when I was growing up when she worked so unselfishly for her family for so many years.

Mother, I love you and always will.


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