Raise Your Hand if You Want to Lose Weight!

Do you want to lose weight?  (I do. ) Doesn’t everybody?  Well, almost.  Nine out of ten people would like to lose weight.  Okay, I just made that up. 😀  But, looking around me when I go to the grocery story or the mall, over half the people I see need to lose weight, a lot of weight, including me. I need to lose a lot of weight.

Even people (I’m talking women and girls here) who are slender often want to lose weight.  I have a very slender friend who was complaining the other day about gaining five pounds and needing to lose it.  When I look at her, I think: “Where’s the extra pounds?  I don’t see any.”  But she has gained a bit of weight and her clothes feel tight, so she is uncomfortable with the weight gain. On the other hand, I’ve seen those who appear in public as if they don’t care how much they weigh:  Overweight women with their huge breasts half exposed, and short shorts riding up in back or tight knits that show every fat fold and wrinkle.  Extra large men with their huge bellies hanging over their pants.  Sometimes I think, “There but for the grace of God go I,”  and feel thin next to them, even though I’m far from thin.

So why are we fat and how do we lose weight?

The other day I read a very silly idea, that global warming was making people eat more and that is the reason the world’s people are fatter than we used to be.  Oh, great–another “It’s not my fault” excuse.  Come on, people.  Unless your metabolism is seriously, seriously out of whack, being overweight means eating too much of the wrong food and not getting enough exercise.

Fad diets may peel off the weight for the short-term, but to keep the weight off, we have to change something in our lives.  So, what is a sensible way to lose weight?  Each person has to do what works for them.  A one-size-fits-all diet works only for a few people.  First, identify the problem or problems that led to your weight gain.  Do you eat while reading or watching television or while sitting in front of the computer? Do you snack a lot between meals?  Do you binge on dessert? Do you have a job where you sit most of the day? Are you too busy to exercise? What else?  Next, after you identify why you have gained weight, brainstorm ways on how can you remedy the problem?  Different people have different needs and different changes to make.

Last week I decided I really wanted to lose weight, enough to make some changes in my habits.

My overweight problem has three sources: 1.  I’m a stress eater.  2. I love to eat while I’m reading.  3. I’m getting older so my metabolism is slowing down.   Problem one has been solved.  I am retired, so no longer under any work-related pressure.  Eating and reading is like an addiction to me.  I stopped reading and eating once for almost two years and lost a lot of weight.  I kept off the weight for several years, but when I started eating and reading again, slowly gained most of the weight back. This past week I have read the paper during breakfast, but no snacking and reading during the day.  My DH (dear husband) and I eat lunch and dinner together, so that solves eating/reading at meals problem.  I have only eaten between meals on one day this week and my deserts at meals have been fruits.   I can’t do anything about my age, but I can choose to get more exercise.

I have a treadmill.   I bought it to get exercise so I could lose weight, because outdoor walking here is iffy at best.  I did lose about 15 pounds during the months I was using it regularly, but then my resolve slipped and I found it easier and easier to skip the morning workout until days went by without me using it at all.  I have used it every day but Sunday for the past week and a half.  I am happy to say that I have lost three pounds in a week’s time. My goal?  I want to continue to lose a pound  a week for the rest of the year.  I know that if you are overweight, like me, you probably want to lose the extra weight–yesterday!  A pound a week may not seem like much weight to lose, but it is doable with a few lifestyle changes.  If you go on a drastic weight-loss plan, you may lose quickly, but as soon as you are back to “normal” eating, the weight will come back.

If you need to lose weight, from 5 pounds to 50, or whatever, I welcome you to join with me in the “lose a pound a week” club.



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5 responses to “Raise Your Hand if You Want to Lose Weight!

  1. Slow and steady, I say. Excellent post, Sue, especially the part about taking responsibility. We don’t need to be skinny-minnie, but we do need our health.

    Good luck with the treadmill and your weekly goals!

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