Interview of Fantasy Author Harrison Davies

(Check out this post for Harrison’s interview of me.)
Today I’m posting an interview of  a new fantasy writer, Harrison Davies. 
Harrison, when did you start thinking of yourself as a writer?

I guess that the idea that I was a writer came when friends and family asked to read my work, and I knew it was what I wanted to do the moment I felt a connection to my main character Coinin, as you would a brother. Anyone can write, but I was writing from the heart. I laughed and cried with them, and that meant the world.

I like that phrase “Writing from the heart.”  That’s what good writing should be.  How does your reading affect your writing?

For the positive. I had for years thought that reading other authors would taint my work, but what a shock I got two years ago, when I read page one of Raymond E. Feist’s Magician. He explored in his narrative that muscles have a visible reaction to force….Never crossed my mind before then. I ever since sit back and examine each detail as I write, so my work is chock full of detail that we would normally take for granted.

What genre (or genres) do you write in?

I am largely a fantasy writer, but I have written one thriller which will need major modifications if I ever chose to publish it. I have also dabbled in a sci-fi future thriller, which is stewing quietly on my hard drive as I decide what to best do with it. To be honest, I feel I was born to write fantasy, so for now this is the genre I am focusing on heavily, well I should, I have promised sixteen books.

It’s good to have so much focus.  With sixteen planned books in the series, you have a lot of writing to do. Why did you pick fantasy as a genre?

It chose me. A friend wanted to write a book, and we hashed out a basic story together, however, our relationship broke apart and we drifted apart. A year later I returned to the project and totally changed the story arc, so what remains of the original idea has gone, to be replaced by a story that spans seven books. (4 main and 3 prequels).

What age level is your writing geared to? 

I am unsure how to gauge the reading age. The book contains a modicum of violence involving swordplay. I’d say if you play games without parental controls then I guess it’s fine, but definitely not under thirteen in my opinion. Perhaps someone can help me age the book.

Can you tell us about your books?

Destiny of the Wulf is the first in a series of four books written by a seer/scribe called Aduramis. The story follows two brothers on quest to save the planet.

“It is a time of great upheaval, and from time immemorial the destiny of two boys has shone like a beacon to those who seek hope of salvation.  Death desires to rule as high king of the gods, and is poised to ignite a war in the heavens that would consume all life on the distant world of Er’ath.
Brothers Coinin and Marrok are thrust into a world of magic when their parents are slain while protecting their village.
Whisked away to their uncle’s home, there they live a peaceful existence, until the day that they are summoned to a secret temple, hidden from the world.  An ancient mage brotherhood tells of a great destiny that has surrounded them since before they were born, and events take a sharp downward turn.
The fate of this world hangs in the balance, and it is left to Coinin and Marrok to seek and reunite the Swords of Cerathil that would save the planet from destruction. They battle with giants and goblins, but nothing is as it first appears.
Treachery and deceit haunt them, and their very relationship is put to the test, as the ultimate battle for survival begins…”
This sounds exciting. Why did you decide to self-publish?

I tried all the traditional routes, seeking an agent or publisher, but as you know, they are tightening their belts and less keen to take a chance on new authors. It was never about money for me, it was a way out of my depression. And for me, writing really worked.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently writing book two entitled Underworld, between marketing and other matters which take up so much time. If I was to describe book two without giving too much away, then it would go something like this:

Coinin seeks to bring justice to a dark mage who had orchestrated an attack on the temple, and with it the hope of finding his brother Marrok. They travel to foreign lands, hot on the heels of his nemesis, and all the while the ever present danger that Death is out for revenge hangs over him.

You can get in touch with Harrison, check out his website, or follow him on Twitter on the links below.  Be sure to check out his book links too. 🙂
Harrison Davies
Ebook:  The Aduramis Chronicles: Destiny of the Wulf, fantasy for young adults +, on Amazon UKAmazon US, and Lulu (iBooks and Google Books coming soon)
Printed: Paperback, and Hardback

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