Are You a COURAGEOUS Father?

I just watched the movie Courageous.  The subtitle on the movie is Honor Begins At Home. This is a powerful, touching movie.  I don’t see how anyone could watch it and remain unchanged.  I highly recommend this movie.

The movie is rated PG-13, parents strongly cautioned due to some violence and drug content.   This seems a bit over-the-top to me.  I don’t remember much violence.  The opening scene has a man trying to stop his truck from being carjacked.  One scene has a teenage boy  being beaten as a gang initiation, but you don’t actually see him being hit.  Another scene is towards the end where there is a huge fight between policemen and a couple of gang leaders.  Drugs are being confiscated in the movie, but no one is using drugs.

It’s not really a movie for kids, but not because of violence and drug content.  This is a movie for adults, all adults, but especially for men. The five main characters are men, friends.   Four policemen and one worker.  Due to a tragic accident in one man’s life, he spends time thinking about what a father is really supposed to be.  He makes a pledge to himself and God to be responsible for his family and his children, both their physical needs and their spiritual well-being. His friends all take the same pledge and it changes their lives.  It takes courage to stand up for what is right, to be responsible fathers, to be the leader in their families.  Not every man has this courage.  Do You?

Your comments, as always, are appreciated.



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2 responses to “Are You a COURAGEOUS Father?

  1. I love to find people who share things that should matter to all of us. Thanks !

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