Baptismal Gown–made with love

My fifth grandchild is due soon. Another boy!  I put my order in for a girl each time, but nooooo, they didn’t listen to me.  🙂  It would be nice to have a little girl to make sweet dresses for, but my boys are all wonderful, anyway.  I wouldn’t trade in a single one of them.  LOL

Joking aside, my youngest child is having her first child in a couple of weeks.  She asked me before Christmas if I would make a baptismal gown for him.  Since this gown is for a boy, I didn’t want to make it too drippy with lace and frills, but I didn’t want it totally plain either.  So, instead of the wide lacy lace that was called for at the waist and hem, I used a small, cotton lace.  The hem also has tucks.  There was a slip with the pattern, which I made, because the material I used is fine and almost see-through.  I used McCall’s pattern #M4865.

I forgot to take pictures before I sent the gown off in the mail to Texas, so I asked my daughter to take some pictures for me.   For some reason all the pictures except one show the outfit in off-white.  It is really white, like the second picture.

Here is the gown and slip laid out on the wedding quilt I made for them.

A close up of the bodice and the trim I used.  Those little sleeves were a real terror to make.

Here are the tucks.

Both the gown and the slip had tiny buttons and buttonholes.

It has been a long time since I sewed anything except quilts, so this was fun, but challenging to make.



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4 responses to “Baptismal Gown–made with love

  1. These are so beautiful. I was admiring them earlier today when I should have been working. Congratulations on your new Grandchild! 🙂

  2. Catherine

    I’ll see if I can cook up a girl next time 🙂 We can’t wait to put little Bruno in the baptismal gown!

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