Tim Tebow–And the Problem Is?

Tim Tebow: So What’s the Problem?

I’m not a big sports fan, but it’s impossible to escape the Tim Tebow epidemic.  Everywhere I go I see his name splashed over the internet news, in the mainstream media, and comments about him on Facebook and Twitter. No one seems indifferent.  What puzzles me is the nasty, vicious attacks on him by those who hate him.  Why?

Why would anyone hate a clean-cut young Christian guy who plays football and prays?  Oh, wait, that’s why.  For some strange reason, the fact that he prays publicly on the football field is taken as a personal insult by those who don’t believe in God or prayer.  His pose in praying has developed a new word, Tebowing.  One sports writer called it the “infamous” pose.  Infamous?  What a puzzler.  What makes it infamous?  Shouldn’t the writer instead have said, “Famous”?

Another sports writer mentioned that Tebow is polarizing.  How can that be?  He is just a football player.  It is the people who resent his public stance for Christ that polarize by their hateful talk. With all the current popularity of the word “tolerance” being tossed around, I see very little tolerance for those who stand up and admit that they are Christians.  If they are Christians with conservative viewpoints, then they are bashed and battered by tongues and pens dripping with sarcasm and ridicule.

So, I say the problem is not Tim Tebow.  The problem is not his praying in public or making statements about his beliefs in God and Jesus.  The problem is that it has become politically correct to be intolerant toward Christians.  It has become acceptable to throw swear words around like adjectives and adverbs, but not to say the name of Christ.  It has become acceptable to tolerate any type of lifestyle, except those who believe in living by the ten commandments.  I say, “Hurrah for Tim Tebow!”   He has the guts and courage to stand up for what he believes, even with all the vicious attacks on him.  Good for you, Tim.

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5 responses to “Tim Tebow–And the Problem Is?

  1. I love watching Tebow play!! My husband and I watch the those games together, and the fact that he’s in his second year and doing as well as he is makes it fun to watch him play. And I think a player, who gives God above the credit for his accomplishments is great.

    And it’s a sad, sad thing that the world is becoming almost “intolerant” of those who practice their Christianity, in private, public or wherever. I’m a practicing Christian and am thankful that we live in a country where freedom of religion is one of our rights, but people of the world should understand that if a person wants to practice such things as being honest, trustworthy, virtuous and doing good deeds, they shouldn’t be ridiculed for it. And just the same is true of those who are true Christians, if a person doesn’t want to practice such things or even believe in a “higher power” not to have the same attitude about them. It’s called “Charity”. If everyone could really learn what charity is and practice it, there would be a lot less “evil” going on in today’s world.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head, it’s politically incorrect to be a Christian. I don’t watch football either but I’ve been listening out for him, wishing him the best, since the Superbowl commercial flap.

    In a country that is supposedly free, I find it more than a little appalling the amount of vitriol this man inspires. Personally, I think this is a test for all of us.

    No one blinks an eye when athletes are arrested for animal cruelty, rape, spousal abuse, murder, doing drugs or any criminal activity. We are all guilty of putting the game before our morals. It has become accepted that it’s just part of being an athlete and lots of excuses are given.

    We, as a nation, are not uncomfortable with this status quo. Maybe Tebow is here to remind us there are some things more important than a game. That we should have higher standards and not turn a blind eye. Maybe that’s part of it, he’s a threat to those who are criminals and they know it.

    Some questions to ask ourselves. Have we just become such a cynical nation that we don’t believe he is for real or is it we’re just uncomfortable with genuine displays of faith? Would we be as tolerant to a man/woman of another faith? Are we prepared to demand higher standards from our athletes and sports programs?

  3. twintrons

    TEBOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW…I was sad his team got mopped up by the New England Patriots. Oh well, at least he’s bringing attention to the good Lord, we need more people like him. Imagine his impact, you’re not a football fan, but you know who he is. That’s just awesome! I’m Tebowing right now, whoooweee!

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