My Favorite Comfort Foods–and Why

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.  I did and I am!  My four grandsons have been with us for the past two weeks. Did you know that four boys under the age of seven can multiply into four times as much noise?  LOL.  We loved having them here and the house is very quiet now that they are gone. Oh, well, at least I can get back to my schedule and start working on writing again.  I have a prequel to finish, a rough draft to revise, and a long-ago published book with the rights returned to me that I’m retyping.  It’s time to get busy working instead of playing.

Since so many bloggers are writing about New Year Resolutions, I’m NOT going to write about them.  I’m picking up the 30 Day Blog Challenge back where I left it in November.  I was down to Day Five: Your favorite comfort foods and why. Here’s a link to the complete 30 Day List of topics and the first day post.  Now telling you my comfort foods is easy.  Why?  Not so easy.

My Favorite Comfort Foods

1.  Fried Chicken.  My top meal in comfort food has to be Southern fried chicken, with a brown crispy coating, creamy mashed potatoes, with lots of butter, cream gravy, made from the fried chicken drippings, biscuits, browned and crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, and green peas.  Or, as we used to call them, English peas.  Why?  Because it is delicious!  Forget about calories.  Just enjoy.  My mother never did a fancy coating for the chicken.  She dredged the pieces in flour and fried them.

2.  Gruel. I bet no one else has gruel for a comfort food.  🙂  When my daddy couldn’t eat regular food because of having stress mouth sores, my mother would cook him what she called gruel.  I loved it and would beg for some.  Now, when I’m sick, gruel is all I want to eat.  Gruel is very simple.  I don’t have a recipe, but can give the general directions.  Using rich chicken broth, preferably homemade, add enough cornmeal to thicken it to a medium consistency after it boils.  You need about two to three tablespoons of cornmeal per cup of broth. Experiment to get the thickness you want.  Boil the mixture about five minutes to cook the cornmeal.  Add bits of cooked chicken to the gruel and stir in before serving.

3.  Ice Cream.  I love ice cream, but not just any brand will do.  I can tell a big difference among brands.  When we eat out, sometimes I feel like a little ice cream at the end of the meal.  I ask the waiter what brand of ice cream they serve.  Unless it is a high quality brand, I won’t order it.  Ice cream needs to be smooth and creamy.  In my opinion, low fat ice cream isn’t worth wasting your money on.  I would rather have a small amount of rich ice cream than a bowlful of inferior quality.  I remember when I was a young girl, buying an ice cream cone for 10 cents.  (That was a very long time ago.)

My favorite comfort foods tend to reflect my childhood back at me.

What are your comfort foods and why?



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2 responses to “My Favorite Comfort Foods–and Why

  1. My comfort food is popcorn, is is a treat that we don’t have all of the time.

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