Advent Wreath–Week Four–Almost Christmas

Today is the last Sunday in Advent.  (Click here for an explaination of the Advent Wreath.)Next Sunday will be the big day, the celebration of the birth of Christ.  Today, all four candles are lit and left burning through the evening meal.  We sing four verses of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.  Our time of preparation is drawing to a close and the cumulation of the hope of the world is drawing nigh.  God’s promises to us will soon be fulfilled.

Scripture readings for today are Malachi, Chapter 3, verses 1-3 and Luke, Chapter 2, verses 6-14.

As we frantically rush about, baking, buying and wrapping, cleaning house, decorating, let us not forget what Christmas is really all about.  Giving.  God’s gift to the world was His Son.  So, sing Christmas carols, enjoy family time, eat well, and remember.  Remember that this day soon to come, Christmas Day, is really about that little Baby born to change the world.


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