Advent Wreath–Week Three and Christmas Morning Traditions At Our House

Advent Wreath–Week Three

Today is the third Sunday in Advent.   Read about the meaning of the Advent Wreath and the first week here. Today at our evening meal, we will light the first two violet candles and the rose candle and leave them burning through the meal.  Lighting the rose candle means, joyfully, we are fast approaching the time of the birth of the Christ Child.  Today we sing the third verse (or you may sing the first three verses) of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.  Today’s bible verse readings are Isaiah, Chapter 9, verses 6-7 and Matthew, Chapter 2, verses 1-6.

Christmas Morning Traditions

On Christmas morning at our house, everyone gets up and gets dressed around 8:00 a.m. We go into the living room and take the stockings down.  Everyone checks out the yummy goodies and opens the small present or presents that are in the stockings.  Then we make and serve breakfast.  We all eat a hearty sit-down breakfast, do the dishes, and head back to the living room.

Yay!  Time for the presents.  We start with the youngest person.  No, they don’t get the first present.  They GIVE the first present.  They give one present that they have bought and wrapped (the young children have help with both buying and wrapping, of course). We all watch the lucky person open his/her present, exclaim over it, and give a big hug back to the present giver. Then the next youngest gives a present to a different person. After we make one or two rounds, we usually stop for a snack and/or beverage.  Then we continue.  This way everyone gets to see everyone else’s presents.  Everyone’s presents that are given get to be admired, and lots of hugs and thanks  are handed out.  Lots of warm fuzzies.

What do you do on Christmas morning?


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