Navigating Pregnancy

Today’s Friday Guest Post is by Catherine Santore Meyrat.

Bio: Catherine Meyrat lives in San Antonio, TX with her husband, Enguerrand Meyrat, who works as an attorney. Catherine works as VP of Strategy at ACCION Texas, the largest microlender in the U.S. She drives cross-organizational initiatives, new product development, and leads the service that ACCION Texas sells to other microlenders nationwide. Catherine graduated from Dickinson College with a B.A. in French and Russian. She then received a Fulbright scholarship to Russia, where she stayed on for 4 years working in journalism and communications and traveling throughout Russia. After returning to the U.S., Catherine worked at Boston University in journalism and later helped create an entrepreneurship center. While working full-time, she studied for her MBA part-time. She received an MBA in entrepreneurship from Boston University in 2009. (disclaimer: Catherine is my daughter and I am very proud of her!)

Navigating Pregnancy

What is it that compels people to pat a pregnant woman’s belly? Or, even worse, to rub it vigorously like a genie is going to pop out? The answer that gives me the best strategy for preventing belly rubs wins a onesie!

I’m now at 25 weeks pregnant and I’m loving every little kick. My husband is no longer interested in my day – he just wants to hear how baby’s day went. When I feel frustrated about something at work, I calm myself down by thinking about the little wiggles in my belly and my wonderful, supportive husband.

I’ve been surprised how people change around a pregnant woman. For some, I’m suddenly a much more interesting person. Some smile at me more often and want regular updates on how I feel. Others want to discuss name selection as the primary topic of conversation. It’s also fun that all my bad eating habits are now excused because I’m eating for two. I just need to remind myself every time that second tamale or breakfast taco is calling my name that my little one only needs a few hundred extra calories each day.

My husband and I do have plenty of baby talk together, but we hope that we will not lose our other interests. For example, we are big fans of hiking and camping. When I was 12 weeks pregnant, we hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park for 3 days, clocking about 12 miles and 2,500 feet in elevation gain each day. On inclines I did have to stop to catch my breath every few feet while my saintly husband waited patiently. But a little breathlessness was well worth the thrill of mountain views at every step, the smell of deep woods and fresh earth, and the wild animal sightings of elk, bear, and lynx. We also managed two weekend camping trips in October during that brief Texas buffer between unbearable summer heat and brisk nights. The trips included some light hikes of a few hours, mesquite campfires, and a spectacular rainstorm that lasted for hours and reminded me of what it felt like to live where the weather forecasters don’t mention 10% chances of rain in hopeful tones as they do here.

Alas, as my pregnancy progress, my energy level seems to get swallowed by my growing belly. Now I spend time researching natural birth options, surfing Craigslist postings to pick up gently used nursery items, and counting my weeks until we can meet the little addition to our family. If only I could get the last boxes unpacked out of the baby’s room before March rolls around.

Unlike the majority of mothers my age, I haven’t stocked up on a library of baby instruction manuals. Instead I’ve gleaned my info from the web and left the rest up to a certain laissez-faire attitude that tries not to worry too much. Do you have any tips for surviving pregnancy, birth or baby’s first months?

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5 responses to “Navigating Pregnancy

  1. Cindy

    Ask your parents…. they did an EXCELLENT job with THEIR children! ;o)

  2. Naomi

    I agree with Cindy!
    I advise you to enjoy every moment…happy journey, Catherine!

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