My Views on Religion–Day Four

Hello, this is day four in the 30 Day Blog Challenge and the topic is religion and my views on it.  Pretty hefty subject and one that many people love to argue about.  But notice that the topic is “Your views on religion” so that means this post is what I think about it.  Your opinion may be very different.

I think I’d be safe to say that deep in the heart of every person is a yearning, a desire to have more, be more, experience more.  Unfilled hopes. desperate longings. Wistful dreams. That deep inner part of mankind, which we call the soul, searches.  When it finds not, it continues to search, drifting endlessly.  An elusive dream darts away, fleeing around the corner.  What is this wisp, this gossamer bit of longing that evades us?  How can we find the source of our longing, the heart of our desire.  Yearnings wade through darkened recesses of our minds, trudging, burdened with half-truths.  A vast pit of emptiness swells and recedes, advancing and retreating.

We throw in things to fill the emptiness: Food, money, stories, hopes, things, dreams, work, wishes, sex, maybes.  The pit never fills.  But that longing, that yearning may be eventually quenched, leaving only the half-forgotten sadness that never quite goes away.

I believe that the soul of every person longs for the connection to his or her maker, God.  When we reach out and touch His presence, when we surrender Self, then we find what we are yearning for, the total fulfillment of our being, through God.  Call it religion if you wish.


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