I Have My Rights Back!

If you have been with me from the very beginning, you know that I published a sweet, contemporary romance many, many years ago. A Man For Sylvia.  It was my first, and only–until this year–book published. To make my story brief, my editor left and nothing else I submitted at that long ago time was accepted.  Not only was it a sweet romance, but it had a touch of mystery to add to the plot interest, not just girl-will-get-boy.

It was in the Silhouette Romance line, which is no more.  In early spring of 2011, I wrote to the Harlequin main office in Canada to request my rights back for the book,  A Man For Sylvia.  It took them about six months, but I finally received the official notice that my rights would be returned to me, with stipulations.  I cannot use the original book cover, or the title page.  I cannot use the word Silhouette Romance or Harlequin on the book or on the blurb about it, because those are trademarked terms.

But this is okay by me.  I want to do a tiny bit of updating.  Money amounts are way out of date, since the book was written over twenty years ago.  I also have a couple of other things to revise to update the book.  I will not be adding sex to it, even though sex sells.  I like the fact that teenagers as well as adults would be comfortable reading A Man For Sylvia.  I am thinking of adding a few recipes of the Sunday dinner where Sylvia introduces Craig to her family at the end of the book.

Here’s a brief summary:  Living in a small town in Maine, Sylvia Perkins is rapidly approaching thirty.  She is single, which suits her just fine, thank you, but her mother and aunt have a different opinion.  To get them off her back, Sylvia makes a bargain with a handsome stranger to town to pretend to be her lover.  Her idea is that when she reveals they are not lovers, her family will be so thankful they will leave her along.

Complications arise.  When her brother is beaten up and Sylvia’s car is stolen and destroyed, Sylvia has to use all her wits to rescue Craig and herself from some petty thugs connected to the job that brought Craig McDonald, private investigator, to this town.

If you enjoy light romance with a touch of mystery, look back here for an announcement for A Man For Sylvia going live on Amazon.  I hope to get it ready by the end of December, 2011.



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6 responses to “I Have My Rights Back!

  1. Congrats. It sounds like an interesting story. Looking forward to hear more about it.

    • Sue

      Thanks for dropping by, Angela. I’ll be posting when it is live on Amazon later this year.

      I have grown as a writer and a person since then, but I still think it is a cute book, well worth reading, if a person enjoys a light romance book.

  2. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see it on Amazon 😀

  3. Naomi

    Congratulations! I hope it goes for you as you hope!

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