Current Relationship?

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New–30 Day Blog Challenge

Looking through the internet on a blog challenge search, I found many different 10 and 30 Day Blog Challenges.  The 10 Day Blog Challenge I did was so much fun that this time I’m going to do a thirty-day challenge.  Now I won’t get through this in thirty days.  For one thing I don’t write every day.  For another, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and I definitely want to write about those holidays.  I’ll throw in a few writing posts here and there, and on Fridays for the next couple of months, I’ll have my Friday Guest Post.  With two to three posts per week, I figure this 30 Day Challenge will stretch to at least 60 days!  I will eventually make a separate page to collect all the challenges I do.  Now, on to the first day of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

This is it: My first 30 Day Blog Challenge


My current relationship is the same one that I have had for the past 38 years!  Yes, I have been married to my husband for thirty-eight years. We moved here, to this very spot in Central Maine 37 years ago.  We have three grown children, two girls and one boy.  We have terrific sons-in-law and a wonderful daughter-in-law.  Our son has four young sons of his own and one of our daughters is expecting her first child, another boy, next March.  All our children are healthy and happy.  Our grandchildren are beautiful and lively.  Even though we are not young anymore, we are still in relatively good health.  God has been good to us.



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