Two Songs

Down to Day Nine of the Ten Day Blog Challenge.  [Links to the first seven days here.  Day Eight here.]  Two Songs?  Only two songs?  This just gets harder and harder.  I like so many, many songs and even different styles of music.  Shall I pick two old country-western songs?  Or shall I pick two folk songs?  Maybe two oldie popular songs.  Or perhaps two Southern gospel songs. What to choose?  Hmmmm.   I think I’ll do the folk songs.

1. What is the saddest song in the world?  My pick is Cat’s in the Cradle, written and first sung by Harry Chapin.  As the young son grows up, he wants to spend time with his father, who is always too busy.  That’s okay, says the son.  When I grow up, I want to be just like you.  Then he grows up.  Now it is the father who wants to spend time with his son and the son who is  too busy, having grown up just like his father.  Chapin said that he wrote the song after his wife wrote a poem and gave it to him about his being gone from home so much.  Go to youtube and listen to this song if you have never heard it.  I have two bittersweet runner-ups.  One is Puff, the Magic Dragon sung by Peter, Paul & Mary about a young boy who grows up and leaves his pet dragon behind.   Another is The Unicorn by the Irish Rovers, which “explains” why there are no unicorns today.

2.  Two beautiful voices from the late 1960s folk music scene were those of Simon & Garfunkel: singer-songwriter, Paul Simon, and singer, Art Garfunkel.  Three lovely songs by them are  The Sound of Silence, Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?  and Bridge Over Troubled Water.  These are all soft, slow songs, beautifully sung.  The Sound of Silence is almost mystical in its imagery. Scarborough Fair is a very old folk song.  The version they sing has different words faintly in the background which adds to the ambiance of the song. Bridge Over Troubled Water is basically a “I’ll be there for you” song.  Check out these special songs.

Okay, okay.  I hang my head in shame.  I know that I didn’t stick to only two songs, but did you really expect me to?  (Sticks tongue in cheek.) 🙂

What are some songs that stick in your mind and for what reason?

Next posting is down to the wire for the 10 Day Blog Challenge.  Only one day left.  If you would like to do your own 10 Day Challenge, please let us know so we can hop over to your blog and check it out.


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