Three Films

Day Eight of the 10 Day Blog Challenge.  So, today I have to talk about three movies.  I’m not a big movie fan, because I’d rather be reading a book than watching a movie. About the only movies that I took the trouble to go to a theater to watch were the Harry Potter movies and the Lord of the Rings movies.  But, I don’t want to talk about those very popular movies.  The movies I’m going to discuss are off-beat movies you may never have heard of.  [Find all seven of the precious challenge days here.]

Three Films

1.  The Ultimate Gift  It isn’t very often that I prefer a movie over a book, but this movie was far, far better than the original book.  It was  a three-tissue movie for me, but I tend to drip tears at all sad or sentimental parts in movies as well as books.  This is heartwarming movie, with a sad, but happy ending.   A young rich man is led to expect a gift of money from his recently deceased grandfather.  In pursuit of the money, he finds some much more important gifts that lead him to even more important gifts.  I highly recommend you grab it from your favorite movie rental–or even buy a copy of it.  Make some popcorn, have some tissues handy, and enjoy.  The Ultimate Gift Movie Trailer 

2.  Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker   I think this is a very underrated movie.  It is an action/adventure made from the first book in a series about Alex Rider, a British boy who becomes a spy, written by Anthony Horowitz. Alex learns his uncle was a British spy.  At the same time he is reluctantly recruited to assist the  M16 division with a small job which turns exceedingly dangerous.  Of course, there are changes from the book to the movie, but I enjoyed it and have watched it four times.  Due to a poor showing at the box office, no other movies in the series were made.  I don’t know why.  I think this movie is much better than an inferior movie made about an American teenage spy, released about the same time.  If you enjoy movies with action packed scenes, take a look at this one. Stormbreaker Movie Trailer

3. Facing the Giants  This is a movie you either love or hate.  Yahoo Viewers gave it a B+ rating.  Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 1 out of 5.  Los Angeles Times said: Still, believers in Jesus Christ, especially evangelicals, will rejoice in seeing “Facing the Giants,” which despite its flaws is ultimately a sweet, sincere movie about Christian faith. It is a Christian football movie about turning your problems over to God and trusting him.  It is hard to find a good movie with a Christian theme, so when I stumbled across this movie by accident, I really, really liked it.  Try it.  You might too.  Facing the Giants Movie Trailer

Have you watched any of these movies?  What are some “sleeper” movies that you like?

Next up on the 10 Day Blog Challenge is the post on Two Songs.

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3 responses to “Three Films

  1. Naomi

    Of your 3, I have seen two, and heartily agree with your assessment. The one I have not seen, is Stormbreaker. It sounds like one worth viewing! Another couple of movies that you might enjoy are Fireproof and Grace Card. They were made by the same group which created Facing the Giants. They have also put out Courageous, which I have not yet seen. I love a good, decent movie. Especially if a bit of romance is thrown in…cuddling with my honey during a nice movie is a favorite together-time activity! ☺

    • Sue

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      I have seen Fireproof. While I liked it the second half of the movie, the first part of the movie with the husband and wife bickering and yelling at each other was uncomfortable to sit through. I haven’t seen Grace Card and Courageous just came out in theaters, so I haven’t seen it either. Anymore, I rarely watch anything that is rated over PG, because I dislike listening to foul language and being forced to observe sexual situations.

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