Five Foods

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Five Foods

Day Six of the 10 Day Blog Challenge.  This has got to be my favorite topic of all ten on the 10 Day Blog Post Challenge. Previous days are here: Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, and Day Five.  I love to eat good tasting food.  I enjoy cooking, but am very glad that my husband also enjoys cooking, so I don’t have to do it all. In fact, he is a better cook than I am.  We like some of the same foods, but not all, so I don’t enjoy eating some of his concoctions.

1.  Sunday dinner was our big meal of the week when I was growing up.  More often than not, the meal consisted of: Southern fried chicken, brown and crispy.  Biscuits, soft and crunchy.  Mashed potatoes, made with a hand masher, milky and buttery.  Green peas, or English peas, as we called them, loaded with butter. Perhaps corn or green beans. To top everything off was gravy, white gravy, we called it.  White gravy is really a white sauce made with some of the pan drippings from the fried chicken.  I know–heart attack on a plate, but boy did it taste good.  It is still one of my favorite meals, even though I seldom have it nowadays.

2.  Since my husband is Italian, we often have Italian dishes.  One of my favorites is our Santore Pizza.  My husband makes the dough for the crust and then we each make our own pizza because I like lots of cheese and Joe doesn’t.  First goes a thin layer of chopped, canned tomatoes.  Next, I sprinkle around chopped garlic, then some slices of pepperoni.  Sliced mushroom go all over, then I pinch little pieces off about 6 slices of anchovies and dab them here and there between mushroom slices.  Next goes about 1/2 a pound of shredded mozzarella cheese.  On top of the cheese I sprinkle oregano and drizzle olive oil around on top.  Into the oven at 425 for 20 minutes.  Yummmm.

3.  Spaghetti has to be the most made dish at our house.  My husband tries many different recipes from his wide array of Italian cookbooks, but he always comes back to his grandmother’s basic family recipe.  Spaghetti with meatballs.  Totally terrific.

4.  For many years my husband has made Lasagna for Christmas dinner.  He makes the sauce, gets everything ready and puts the layers together a day or two before, then on Christmas afternoon, he just pops the pan into the oven.  Our son makes the garlic bread and that’s Christmas dinner.  We usually don’t make a dessert because we have so many Christmas cookies to eat.

5.  I can’t talk about my favorite foods without talking about Ice Cream.  I love ice cream, the smooth, creamy, cold, sweetness of it.  I especially like ice cream with nuts, like butter pecan and maple walnut.  I like Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.  We also have a few stands here and there in the state with small businesses that make their own ice cream and just sell them at that one stand.  They are fantastic. One of my favorite commercial brands is a local state brand called Giffords.  Giffords still sells full 1/2 gallons of one of the very best commercially made ice creams around.  They are branching out to New York State and I hope they don’t get bought out by some big company looking to downgrade the product and make more money.

There you have five of my very favorite foods.  I could have added a lot more to this post!  Next week I’ll post about Five Books.

What are your comfort foods?



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4 responses to “Five Foods

  1. Naomi

    When I think “comfort food” I think a hot bowl of beans(pinto or navy or black) with a side of cast iron skillet-fried potatoes, and hot buttered corn bread(baked in a skillet). As a child my favorite was Chicken-n-dumplin’s. Present day favorites include home-cooked Mexican-style recipes. Lately I’m putting away large amounts of fresh homemade salsa & tortilla chips! Fudge brownies are my favorite baked sweet. Ice cream(especially homemade) is also a wonderful treat! Breyer’s has to be my favorite commercial brands!

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