Six Places


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Six Places 

This is Day Five of the 10 Day Blog Challenge.  Click here for Day One, Day Two, Day Three or Day Four.  Today’s post is about Six Places.  This was a hard one for me because I had to decide six places that were important to me.  Places aren’t nearly as important to me as people, and the places I have chosen are important to me because of the people I associate with them.

1.  The first place of importance to me was the 40 acres in Oklahoma where I spent my formative years.  My daddy bought the place and we moved there when I was seven years old.  I grew up there, played and fought with my sisters there.  We walked to a country grade school, a mile each way, literally.  (I KNOW it’s an old cliché, but it’s true.  Honest.)  After I left home, I still went back to the old place to visit my parents.  Now that they are gone, my sister lives there, so it is still in the family.  It was home.

2.  Another place I have fond memories of is Silver Dollar City, a tourist attraction in Branson, Missouri.  When I took my children on a cross-country trip to visit their grandparent, Mom and Dad piled us up in their tiny RV and made the trip to Branson.  They took us twice.  The last time I went to Branson was also with my parents.  My children were all grown up with lives of their own, and I was by myself.  Daddy drove their van that time and we stayed the night with my niece.

3.  I have spent more years on our 36 acres in Maine than I did growing up in Oklahoma.  My husband and I moved here over thirty-five years ago to a bare field.  We built a cabin first, then built a basement and lived in it.  After five years of that, we had the shell of a house built and my husband did all the inside finishing work.  We built a garden plot, an orchard, a grape arbor, a blueberry patch and an asparagus bed.  Our three children grew up here and still come back for visits.  What can I say?  It’s home.

4.  The Ozarks.  That’s a wide area including a large part of Arkansas and Missouri and a small part of Oklahoma and Kansas.  I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for that entire region and have often dreamed of living there.

5.  I must include the cities of Seattle, San Antonio, and Taunton.  They are very special to me, not because of anything special about those cities.  No Way.  They are important because one of our children lives in each of those cities.

6.  Must I choose six places?  Hmmmm.  Okay, here’s another one.  My chair!   Not just any old chair, but a sit-your-butt-down and get-to-work chair.  Yes, my chair that I sit in at the computer to write (and surf the net 🙂 )  My chair that I sit in at my sewing machine to patch quilts and to make other sewn items.  This chair is for both work and recreation and I use it every day for hours.

Six places of importance to me.  Next up is five foods.  That one should be easy!

Do you have important places?



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4 responses to “Six Places

  1. Your place in Maine sounds amazing!! If I’m ever out that way I’ll be sure and stop by.

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