Eight Fears

Eight Fears.  This is day three of the 10 Day Blog Challenge.  Click here for Day One.  Click here for Day Two.  Now I don’t sit around and worry all the time.  In fact, I worry very little, because my philosophy is: Life is too short to worry it away.  But some fears do lurk in the back of my mine, so here are my eight of my fears.

1.  Going blind.  I have worn glasses since I was a young girl because my eyes were bad even then.  I think they were weakened when I had hooping cough when I was two years old.  I depend on my sight for so many things.  I love to read, and to write.  I sew and make quilts.  Cooking and even cleaning depend on sight.  And that’s not even counting the beauty of a rainbow, the clouds towering in the sky before a storm, that bright bolt of lightning, the brilliant hues of all the various flowers and all the other natural beauties.

2.  My teeth falling out.  This sounds really silly, but–sometimes I have a dream.  I dream that some of my teeth are loose and falling out.  I push them back in place and hope they stay, but more come loose and soon all of them are falling out, with me pushing them back.  What a weird thing to dream.

3.  Getting killed by a logging truck.  I know chances of my ever being crushed by logs falling from a logging truck are pretty slim, but it has happened.  So, when I pass, or am passed, by a big logging truck piled high with huge tree trunks, I shudder a little inside and heave a sigh of relief when I’m away from them.

4.  Health care costs will keep going up.  Since my husband and I have a separate retirement, our health care costs are also separate.  Both of our plans went up $50.00 a month early this year, after the horrible health care bill was passed.  Our income did not go up and will not go up for several years, if at all. An extra one hundred dollars a month out of a fixed income squeezes the budget.  If it continues to rise, we will continue to lose more of our income.

5.  Dying before my grandchildren are grown enough to remember me. This one has a hint of selfishness in it.  My grandchildren are all very young and I am still building a relationship with them.  I hope that when I’m gone they will remember me with love.

6.  Falling down the stairs.  A good friend of mine was sleep-walking and fell down his stairs, broke his neck, and was helpless until he died several months later.  Every time I go down our stairs (and we have several), I have a small flash of fear that I have to conquer.

7.  Something happening to my children.  No parent should ever have to bury a child, although many of them do.  My children are bright, healthy, and busy, and I pray they stay that way.

8.  Afraid of the dark.  I know. I know. Adults aren’t supposed to be afraid of the dark.  Well, I’m not exactly afraid of the dark, only what might be in it!  When I was a girl, I slept by myself from about ten years old, in a dark bedroom.  I don’t think night-lights had been invented yet way back then.  I was always so glad when the moon was full enough to shine through my windows.  Now we have night-lights in the hallway, bathroom and bedroom at night.  When the electricity goes out, it is really dark here.  (We don’t have streetlights.–middle of nowhere.)

That’s it.  Eight of my fears.  Stay tuned for the next post which will be seven wants.

What do you fear?  If you have a blog and would like to do your own 10 Day Blog Challenge, please leave a comment to let us know so we can hop over and read your posts.



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8 responses to “Eight Fears

  1. Naomi

    The one about going blind is real to me, since my son is deaf. How would we communicate, I think…
    The thought of losing my hearing was once so much more important to me, I love to sing, I play music mostly by ear. But now I would choose my eyes over my ears for the sake of communication with my son. ♥

    • Sue

      Thanks for your comment, Naomi. All our senses are precious gifts. It would be very hard for me to choose, if I had too. But I know what you mean. Our children are so important to us.

  2. Apparently, teeth-falling-out dreams are quite common. I know I’ve had more than my fair share! 🙂 It’s thought that they have something to do with social anxiety.

    *runs back off to reading random articles on the internet*

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