9 Loves

Here is the second day of the 10 Day Blog Challenge.

Nine Loves

1. I love the scent of lilacs.  Their sweet fragile scent smells like spring, country dooryards, and grandmothers.  I always wanted my parents to plant lilacs when I was growing up, but they didn’t.  My mom always said, “The old cows would just eat ‘em up.”  And they probably would have, since our yard was not fenced.  Now we have two bushes.  When they are in bloom in the spring, I love to put my face right in the middle of a bunch of bloom clusters and breath deeply.  Wonderful.

2. I love eating German Chocolate cake.  I like the delicate chocolate flavor, not too overpowering.  The ooey-gooey icing is so scrumptious.  I like the coconut and pecans suspended in the creamy cooked frosting.  Mmmm.  Hand me a piece right now!

3. I love the smell of babies fresh from their bath, with their scent of baby shampoo and powder mixed with the softness of their tiny body.  A small baby, wiggling and giggling, looking up at you with their innocent eyes and smiling mouth is like a little miracle from God.  All this is magnified many times when the baby is your child or your grandchild.

4. I love sewing and quilting.  It is so satisfying to complete a project and know that I made this out of pieces of fabric.  It is soothing to iron and cut strips of cloth with a future project in mind.  It’s great fun to go into a fabric store and feast my eyes on those gorgeous bolts of fabric.  I usually want one of everything.   When I finish a quilt, cutting and sewing, quilting and binding, and see it on my bed or the bed of a loved one, I feel a deep satisfaction.

5. I love reading, every aspect.  I love to browse in libraries and bookstores.  I love reading reviews on-line.  I love buying books. I love holding a new book in my hands that belongs to me.  I love to curl up in an easy chair with a good light over my shoulder and to read for hours.  I love to finish a book with a sigh and read this last third of the book over again.  (That’s the sign of a real keeper book for me.)  I hope my sight never goes because I sure would miss reading.

6. I love music.  I love to listen to music.  I love to sing.  Even though I only have an average voice, I still enjoy singing for pleasure.  I grew up singing hymns in church and listening to the radio.  My daddy played guitar and my sister played piano.  I can’t read music and never had any music lessons, but I have learned through the years to play the mountain dulcimer by tab.  I have a beautiful dulcimer made by the late L. O. Stapleton from Springdale, Arkansas.  I like American folk music, bluegrass, Southern gospel, hymns, some country, some classical, some old pop music from the 1940’s through 1960’s.  I guess I have old-fashioned taste in music.

7. I love spring.  Spring is my very favorite season of the year, a time of rebirth and new growth.  Spring is snow melting and green grass after a winter of white snow covering the ground for months.  Spring is new leaves on the trees with their pale spring-green color.  Spring is flowers, lots of flowers.  Cherry blossoms.  Lilacs.  Wild trillium.  Tiny spring beauties scattered over the lawn.  Dandelions.  Apple blossoms.  Spring is a riot of color, shapes, and scents.

8. I love Christmas.  Christmas is such a special time of year.  There is an almost magical quality about Christmas.  I love everything about it–except washing all those dishes.  😉  I love shopping to buy presents for my family.  We have never gone overboard buying big expensive presents that takes all the next year to pay off and we don’t buy for extended family relatives, just our immediate family.  So, shopping is fun.  We make lists of things we’d like to have and everyone has a copy of each list.  Then, I love wrapping presents.  I love the pretty paper and ribbons.  I like tucking the wrapped gifts away in corners and behind things to keep them out of sight until Christmas Eve.  I love the Christmas carols, both listening and singing.  I love the Advent wreath, the Christmas decorations, the tree.  I love making Christmas cookies and candy.  I love filling the stockings.  I love watching my loved ones open presents I’ve given them.  I love opening my own presents.  I love celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I just love Christmas.

9. I love Easter.  I love Easter because this is the heart of Christianity: Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead on the third day.  This is the heart and soul of all Christian belief.  Followers of Christ believe he is God’s son, that he died so all who believe in him could have everlasting life.  If you don’t believe in God, I’m sorry, but I do.

There you have it: nine loves of mine.  Next up eight fears.

What do you love?



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