10 Secrets

I’ve decided to take the 10 day blog challenge:  10 Day Blog Challenge: ten secrets, nine loves, eight fears, seven wants, six places, five foods, four books, three films, two songs, one picture of yourself.  I found this on Tales of a Hockey Wife blog and also on Excitement and Extraction From Elise.  Now I won’t do this 10 days right in a row, but I’ll post two or three each week.

My secrets aren’t deep and dark.  Some are a bit silly, but, here goes day one: ten secrets.

1. I can pinch with my toes.  You know. Take your big toe and the next one and move them apart, then wham-o. Pinch.  Big talent here. 🙂

2. I like to read Louis L’Amour westerns. I don’t much care for westerns written by other writers, but his are such fun to read.

3.I can’t go to sleep if my feet are cold.  Even if I lay in bed for hours, I’ll stay awake until my feet warm up.  For cold winter weather, I have some down lined footies that I slip on to warm up my feet.  After they’re warmed up, I can slip off the footies and go to sleep.

4. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a nurse, an architect, or a teacher.  Since the nearest college was a teacher training school, guess which one I followed.

5. I like to cuddle, but not to sleep cuddly. In fact, I don’t like to sleep with anyone else in bed with me.  I sleep so lightly that someone else moving in the bed wakes me up.

6. I live in the middle of nowhere. Not such a big surprise to those who know me, but we live on 35 acres in the real puckerbrush.

7. Sometimes I write poetry. Not as much as I used to.  When I was in college, that was all I wrote.  What is it about being teens/young adults that brings poetry to the fore?

8.  I like wearing aprons when I cook.  I like the old-fashioned look and I like how it keeps me from getting my clothes messed up.  I can’t seem to use flour without getting it all over me.

9. I like animals, but I don’t like being tied down taking care of them.  We’ve had many animals in the past, dogs, cats, goats, cows, chickens.  Now we have none.  Sometimes I’d like to have a dog, but I like being able to leave and visit our grandchildren without having to worry about doggy-daycare.

10.  I’d much rather read than watch television.  My motto is: A bad book is better than a worse T.V. show.

So there are my 10 secrets.  Next time I’ll talk about 9 of my loves.

Do you have secrets?



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