What Were Your Childhood Games?

Long ago and far away there were no computers, iPods, iPads, cell phones, smart phones, or video games. For heaven’s sake, what did kids do?  Oh, there were plenty of things to do.  We were busy from morning until night.

Are you old enough to remember playing Red Rover?  Red Rover, Red Rover, send Joey right over.  All the kids playing divided into two teams.  Each team made a straight line and held hands tightly.  The team who started the game choose one opposing team member who would run as fast as he could against the arms of the weakest link.  If he broke through the linked arms, he picked one to go back with him to the other side.  If he did not break through, he had to join that side. No one worried about broken arms or sprained wrists.

What about Kick the Can?  A tin can was placed in an open area.  One person was IT and hid her face to count.  Everyone else ran away to hide. IT had to find each person.  If anyone hiding sneaked back to “kick the can” before they were tagged and caught, they were “home free”.

Of course, plain old Hide and Seek was always popular, especially as dusk was falling in those long, lazy days of summer.

There were marbles, jacks, and jump ropes.  Climbing trees and chasing puppy tails.  Watching the fireflies winking their cold lights across the meadow or the vacant lot. Playing dominoes and checkers.   I could go on and on.

What were your childhood games?



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6 responses to “What Were Your Childhood Games?

  1. Hop Scotch, Dodge Ball, and Double Dutch (a jump rope game). Fun Times!

    T Denise Clary 🙂

  2. Sue

    Oh, yes, how could I forget Hop Scotch and Dodge Ball! I’ll have to have a part two post.

  3. We played dominoes and Monopoly. Since there were 3 girls, we played paper dolls, designed clothes, colored the clothes, and cut them out so the dolls could wear their new clothes. We also played digging a hole to China. The parents didn’t appreciate the hole in their yard.

    • Sue

      Paper Dolls. What fun I had with them. Thanks for reminding me. I had two shoeboxes filled with paper dolls, Each set was separated by a sheet torn from Sears & Robuck catalog.

  4. Our favorites were Swing the Statue, Red Light Green Light and Red Rover. I have more games, complete with basic rules, on my website. See which ones you remember!

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