Thought Provoking Poems by Levi C. Stevens

Years ago I taught an adult education creative writing class.  One of those students was Levi C. Stevens.  Mr. Stevens wrote two profound poems which he shared with the class.  I was so impressed that I asked for copies.  While rummaging through my box of old writing materials and samples last week, I found those poems.  I called Mr. Stevens to ask permission to share those poems on my blog and was delighted when he said, “Yes.”  I hope you enjoy reading them.  (Mr. Stevens is currently 85 years old.)



by Levi C. Stevens

When I was young, I could not see

the options availing themselves to me.

Chance after chance, slid silently by,

like fluffy white clouds in a colorless sky.

Blinded by hear-say, unable to screen

the vast opportunities, uncovered, unseen.

I can’t help but wonder what I could have done,

had I sought possibilities when I was young.




When I was young, I was exuberant and bold,

spurning the valid advice I’d been told

that Time holds the Cards, in this game we call Life,

dealing hands of Prosperity, Misfortune and Strife.

Folly had claimed the Throne of the Day,

casting Wisdom and Caution aside by the Way.

Oh, to turn back the pages of Time, one by one,

and delete those illusions of when I was young.



by Levi C. Stevens

He was sitting on the Bench alone,

his eyes of faded blue stared down.

He once stood tall, like a sturdy Oak

but now sits bearded, un-nurtured and broke.

His clothes are his assets, they’re grubby and worn,

all crudely patched, barely keeping him warm.

He’s weathered Life’s hardships again and again,

til nothing was left, but a bleak, Hollow Man.


His joy was his family, the one he once had,

of four lively Sons, and they all called him Dad.

And his beautiful Wife, he could never forget

her radiant smile, that day when they met.

She was lovely, delightful, a sight to behold,

he vowed when he saw her, she’d never grow old.

But Time somehow alters the Worlds’s best laid Plans,

leaving nothing to offer a bleak, Hollow Man.


His achievements outdated, was the News of the day

A Hero, a Lover, now what do they say.

A Beggar, a Drifter, this sort we don’t need,

a useless old man, he’s just someone to feed.

The past is a Teacher, so learn while you can,

the World has no pity, for a bleak, Hollow Man.



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6 responses to “Thought Provoking Poems by Levi C. Stevens

  1. Vivian Pineda

    i love both of these. they are so lovely… simple yet, it has a deep feeling. i especially like that the message they both convey. 🙂

  2. some very lovely poems here from the couple i read very nice from kevin enjoyed them.

  3. Naomi

    Thank you for sharing Mr. Stevens’ poems…I also enjoyed them and I think there is such wisdom in these works.

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