Remembering Summertime

I remember. I remember long ago summers growing up in Oklahoma.

Slow moving, heat, sweat dripping, dust becoming powder where the truck ran over it in the absence of weeks of rain.  The leaves turning dull, dark green, coated with dust.  Heat. Sun. Baking. Warm, sweet blackberries replete with juice and thorns.  Pricks and scratches.

Chiggers.  Chiggers and ticks, itching and scratching.  Barefoot all summer long, except for going to town once a week.  Brown feet, hard crusted soles, stubbed toes.  Tarantulas and scorpions.  Wasps and sweat bees.  Tumble bugs and their peculiar task of rolling up cow dung.  Ant lions and their unique traps where they lay in wait at the bottom.

Sun-ripened–real sun-ripened–tomatoes, sliced red circles by the bowlful, fried okra, corn-on-the-cob.  Cows mooing to be milked.

Books to read, to devour, and back to the library to get more.  More reading, more chances to dream.

Oh, yes.  I remember.

What do you remember about summer days?



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2 responses to “Remembering Summertime

  1. Tarantulas and scorpions? *anxiety attack*

    For me, summers was:
    – reading all day long in my bedroom, eating ice cream or watermelons, and hiding from the sun and heat,
    – jumping in the pool at night with my cousins,
    – solitude, that I loved, and that I would really enjoy these days, what with being a mom of two little brats 😉

    That also meant mosquitoes, which I still hate. XS

  2. Sue

    Ice cream and watermelons! AH, eating watermelon outside with the juice running down my chin. I can almost taste it.

    When my kids were little, an early bedtime helped!

    Mosquitoes weren’t too bad, since it was usually dry in the summer heat.

    Thanks for sharing your memories, Nathalie.

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