Why Did I Change My Book Title and Cover Picture?

I recently had to make a major decision: to change my book cover and title.  My fantasy book for all ages is now called A Singular Gift, instead of Something Wicked. Why in the world would I do this? Although the former title and cover went well together, it gave a wrong impression about the content of the book.  Although some wicked things happen, the book is not really about something wicked.

Rather it focuses more on the magic gift given to Jean, the main character, and what she does with the gift.  A Singular Gift is a magical fantasy, suitable reading for all ages.  However, the former cover and title does not give the impression of a fantasy book for all ages, since it looked rather gothic and dark.  This cover did not appeal to my target audience.  What a valuable lesson this has been for me.  I was  originally encouraged to use the previous title and cover.  Now I that I know better, I will (hopefully!) not make that mistake again.

Won’t those who bought the book as one title think this is a new book?  I sincerely hope not.  In the first line of the book description on both Amazon and Smashwords, I clearly state that this title and cover has been changed and give the former title.

Will the change of title and cover find the readers I write for?  I do hope so.  I think this is a much lighter cover and more appealing to the ageless reader who loves fantasy.  To quote an old cliché:  Only Time Will Tell.



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6 responses to “Why Did I Change My Book Title and Cover Picture?

  1. Hi, “Dee” from KDP here. It’s certainly brave to change your cover but not something that hasn’t been done by other writers before.

    I’ve changed the cover to my book, Eden. The first cover was plain and didn’t say anything about the content I thought. I haven’t had any problems with having two covers as yet.

  2. Ed Bliss

    I’m curious about how you made the change. Did the new version have the same ISBN number?

  3. I like it, Sue. It’s slick and clean, yet…magical! 🙂 Good luck with it!

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