Who Has Time For Housework?

I was digging through a box of old pieces of writing yesterday.   Much to my amusement, I came across this poem, written many years ago, back when I had to write around three children.  Sound familiar?

The dishes aren’t washed.

The beds aren’t made.

Never mind that,

I’m writing today.



The fridge needs cleaning.

Dust lies thick on the top.

Here I come, editor,

Ready or Not!



The housework can wait.

The children can yell.

This time I’m really

Quite sure it will sell!



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2 responses to “Who Has Time For Housework?

  1. Can’t wait to earn enough money to pay someone to clean the house for me! Then I’d have all the time in the world to fiddle with Facebook and Twitter and read my feeds and play online games write!

  2. Sue

    LOL Nathalie, I hear you. Me too.
    When I first started writing on a computer, there weren’t any of those fun distractions. That was in the dark ages before the internet!

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