What is Good Enough?

I dare say that most of us feel dissatisfied about our accomplishments.  I often do.  When I attended a music camp a couple of weeks ago to practice on mountain dulcimer, I received a lecture from my instructor.  I made the statement that I was not a musician.  She informed me that everyone had music in them and that we learn to believe what we tell ourselves.  Very profound and very true.

We can apply that to all aspects of our lives.  If we write, then we’re a writer.  There is no room for: “Maybe I’ll be a writer some day.”   So I refuse to listen to that nasty little voice that sometimes screams out, “This story sucks!”   Instead I tell myself that maybe it isn’t as good as it could be, but I can make it better after I write it.  The important thing is to just get it written.  So when that little nasty voice screams at you that you are no good, that you may as well stop trying to be a writer, just tell it that you ARE a writer and keep on writing.


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