On a Roll

I’m on a Roll! 

May you live in interesting times is supposed to be an ancient Chinese curse.  Do you agree?  I’m not sure if I do.  I enjoy the exciting times I’m living in–at least in my private life.  All the earthquakes, tornadoes, wars, and on and on that rages around us are not so exciting.  Not too interesting either, when you think of all the tragedy and suffering.

But I digress.

I’m on a roll now.  Back at work, almost sticking to my schedule.  Back working on writing, trying to squeeze in time for a little quilting and mountain dulcimer playing.  Summer is here, a cool summer so far.  Life is good.

I had a blockage point in my next book Something Unknown that kept me procrastinating.  Today I finally broke through and continued with four more pages of the story, not just going back and fiddling with the previous pages.  Major roll.


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