Choosing a book to read.

Do you want to be a writer?  You should read.  Read, read, read.  The more you read, the more ideas and images will roll around in your mind, mixing together and coming out into your own unique stories.  Then you need to write.  Write, write, write.  There is no shortcut to writing a book.

I love to write, and I also love to read. I read fantasy, science fiction, romance, westerns, mystery, religious fiction, and non-fiction.  I read lots of young adult fiction.  I don’t like to read horror fiction because my vivid imagination turns those stories into nightmares!

I read books from the library, books on my Kindle, and books from the bookstores, both new and used.  How do I choose my books?  If I’m buying the book, the very first thing I do is look for book reviews.  I check the reviews on  I read both the good reviews and the not-so-good.  ( Sometimes the not-so-good ones convince me to read the book, because I look at life differently from the reviewer!)  I read the reviews in RT Book Reviews, a magazine that reviews popular fiction.  I check some of the book review sites on the internet.  If I’m in a bookstore, I read the backs of the books, then check the first few pages.

What’s your way of choosing a good book to read?


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