Making Time To Write

I have many ideas spinning around in my head; the problem is finding the time to get them all on the computer.  But isn’t that every writer’s main problem?  Time.  Taking time to write or making time to write; it’s all the same.  Life goes on around us and we sit at the keyboard, spilling our stories out for our pleasure, hoping others will also enjoy our stories.

You don’t have time to write?  Take it and make it.  Get up earlier.  Go to bed later.  If you are a teen, write instead of watching television , or write instead of playing on the computer.  (After you read my blog ,of course!)  If you are an adult, write when the baby is napping.  Make a schedule with your significant other that includes writing time for you.  If you are a frustrated writer, then you will be happier when you write, even if you only carve out 15 to 30 minutes a day to write.


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